Silicon Valley’s checks haven’t been buying them many bills.

Silicon Valley’s checks haven’t been buying them many bills.

Lawmakers made multiple trips to the tech industry capital this summer to stage meet-and-greets with company executives and get them to open their wallets.
But for all the work some members of Congress do to take industry’s money and run, many of the sector’s highest priorities have been left on the table.
That’s leading to growing frustration around the San Francisco Bay Area and causing some industry advocates to eye a more aggressive posture for dealing with Washington.

“I think there’s definitely frustration,” said Julie Samuels, executive director of the San Francisco-based startup advocacy group Engine. “I’m lying if I said otherwise.”

“However, there’s also an understanding that nothing is passing in this Congress,” she added. “It’s not so simple as just being mad about the things that haven’t happened. I think people here — like they are all over the country — are mad at the overall inability of this Congress to get anything done.”

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