New and Improved Utilities – Windows DFIR tools

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New and Improved Utilities

Network Stuff Found and Updated

Which brings me back to the pretty cool Windows “firewall” application GlassWire. Previously featured, I spotted a new review of it that had some fresh examples of its usefulness; illustrating alert event marking for later examination. In one case, it helped a user discover network activity from malware that had gone undetected.

Then in those comments there was a reference to the KDE application KNemo – Network Monitor.

Utilities of Usefulness

  • AOMEI PE Builder – I’m always keeping one eye open on new WinPE building tools and this seems useful for the non-tech crowd who may not be up to taking on a project from the WinBuilder tool or one of the many specialized building sets at For someone just getting their feet wet, this might be a good place to get started.
  • OPSWAT AppRemover – I keep rediscovering this tool every year or so. It is updated regularly and can aid in the removal of many Supported Applications. Good for a first-pass on a new OEM system.
  • GEGeek Tech Toolkit – Considering the work I do finding and maintaining all the tools and utilities on my own USB stick, this seems like a cheat, but if you are lazy, here you go. Related are the NirLauncher package builder and KLS Soft’s WSCC – Windows System Control Center(also update to version as of Sept 2014).
  • OpenSaveFilesView – NirSoft – new utility that displays files previously opened with the open/save dialog box. More on NirBlog.  Spotted via this Betanews post.
  • FixWin v 2 for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 – The Windows Club – Easy but powerful tool to fix common Windows issues. Use with caution. Similar tool may be (the no longer developed but still available) d7 Free tool from Foolish IT LLC.

Lights, Sound, Action!

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