Average company now compromised every four days, with no end to the cybercrime wave in sight

Source: ZDNet

A scary new statistic out about why it is important to maintain security within your organization. Please contact us to help you ensure that your company isn’t being actively attacked, and to secure not only your exterior, but your internal systems as well.

Here is a short quote from the article:

In a rapidly shifting attack landscape against the backdrop of a hackers’ black market worth billions, if you wait to pentest — you lose.

Still, unless required by law, too many companies and organizations only do a penetration test when they have to.

Often, it’s because they need to comply with regulations or they’ve been told they need to prove they’re secure, in which case it’s a checklist security audit by the numbers.

Most unfortunately, too many only do a penetration test after they’ve been scorched: When hackers have successfully gotten in, executed a payload, and made off with valuable IP, records, customer PII, and cost the company more than it probably knows or can calculate.

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