Hacker Myths Debunked

Source: TripWire

Interesting article discussing the culture, and/or the lies about the stereo-typical “hacker”. I remember, reading a book in high school (can’t find the title now), that mentioned stuff about your average hacker, and how the stereotypes back in pre-2000 were that they are fat, and have cats, and attempted to disprove those stereotypes.

Quote from TripWire:

 Myth #1: Hackers Are Maladjusted Young People Who Live In Their Mothers’ Basements

We all know this one quite well. Some of the most dangerous hackers—the myth goes—wear black T-shirts, have long hair and are under 30 years of age.


Myth #2: Hacking Is A “Boys Only” Club

Hacking may be a predominantly male activity but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t female hackers out there.


Myth #3: All Hackers Are Masters of Their Craft

The way we paint hackers today elevates them to a level of unmatched technical prowess. Using this platform of expertise, they compromise any system they want with ease, regardless of whatever security protocols may be in place.


Myth #4: All Hacking Is Bad

The notion that all hackers intend to cause harm is one of the biggest hacking myths today.

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