Americans Say They’ve Lost Control of Their Privacy — Again

Source: Re/Code

Interesting new research out by the Pew Research Center suggesting that Americans are no longer in control of their privacy. All this is probably based upon certain NSA disclosures about how it is targeting Americans.

Quote from the article:

A significant majority of Americans say that they feel they have lost control over the personal information that is collected by companies, and worry about sharing personal information on social media sites and messaging services and in email and text messages.

The findings come from the Pew Research Center, which conducted a survey of 607 American adults. The survey demonstrates in pretty stark terms how concerned people have become in the last year amid disclosures about spying programs by the National Security Agency and repeated breaches of corporate computer systems that store payment and other personal data.

Among the findings is a significant lack of confidence for several everyday communications tools used to convey personal information: 81 percent say they feel “not very” or “not at all secure” in using a social media site like Facebook to share personal information with a trusted person or organization. But those numbers shrink correspondingly with the age of the technology in question. For instance, 68 percent of people felt the same way about chat and instant messaging while 57 percent worried about using email. Only about a third — 31 percent — worried they couldn’t trust a land-line telephone.


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