The Spam Wars

Source: Slate

An article discussing a piece of Brian Krebs latest book, Spam Nation, from

This article discusses the economics in Russia of spammers, how they support their families.

Indeed, spam email has become the primary impetus for the development of malicious software—programs that strike comput­ers like yours and mine daily—and through them, target our identities, our security, our finances, families, and friends. These botnets are virtual parasites that require care and constant feeding to stay one step ahead of antivirus tools and security firms that work to dismantle the networks. To keep their bot colonies thriving, spammers (or botmasters—the term is interchangeable) must work constantly to spread and mutate the digital disorders that support them. Because antivirus programs routinely clean up infected PCs used to send spam, botnet operators need to contin­uously attack and seize control over additional computers and create new ways to infiltrate previously infected ones.

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