Microsoft Axes “Advanced Notification Service”

Source: Norse and Microsoft Technet

In a very interesting move, Microsoft has made the decision to ax its “Advanced Notification Service”. Almost as a move to alienate more of its customer base, Microsoft has decided that the Advanced Notification Service will only be available to select premier customers, that are involved with Microsoft’s security program.

This seems to be a very bad move on the part of Microsoft, with no real advantage coming from it. Since they are still distributing the information to select customers, there will be no savings there. I just don’t understand why Microsoft would make this move.

From the Norse Blog:

But Microsoft believes that organizations who employ their products have shifted how they use the ANS, and the company has come to the decision that the majority of the non-premium customers no longer need the lead time to prepare, as they typically just wait for automatic patching to occur.

“While some customers still rely on ANS, the vast majority wait for Update Tuesday, or take no action, allowing updates to occur automatically. More and more customers today are seeking to cut through the clutter and obtain security information tailored to their organizations,” Betz said.

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