Excellent Support and Solutions

Nothing makes us happier than producing excellent support and solutions, whether it be through customers, online, or through open-source information exchange.

Today, I had a question, and I decided to fire-up a link to a very excellent resource at the StackExchange, more specifically, the SuperUser forums at StackExchange. After looking for the solution to my problem, and being unable to find it, I decided to log into my account, because it has been a little bit of time since I last visited the site. I was very interested to know, and open up a link to a previously asked question, and see very nice words spoken about a solution I provided an answer to.

This is what the user said about my response to a question:

I don’t care if you aren’t supposed to put “thanks” comments here, I just wanted to express my thanks and how much time and energy you saved me. Thank you so much! I’m using a company VPN to do some emergency work from a mall and could not get some of our sites working despite everything I thought of trying. I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out on my own, that’s for sure…


I have to admit, that receiving some feedback like that, from a user on a public forum was great to hear, and made me feel great about the support and solutions that I was able to provide. I’m very happy that the user found my comment and solutions useful, and I hope to make all my posts be as valuable as that single post was, to that user.

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