Light It Up Blue – Autism Awareness

On April 2, I will turn the background of the 556 Forensics page blue, in support of the Light It Up Blue autism awareness program that is put on by the Autism Speaks organization.

While I normally don’t get heavily involved with organizations and necessarily outwardly support them, I think autism awareness is a different story in my book. Not only because I have family affected by it, but because the awareness level of everyday people out in the world is so low. I’m not saying that most people are unaware that autism exists, I’m saying that people aren’t familiar with what it is, and how special the people that are affected by it are.

I will provide links below to aid you in discovering more about what autism and asperger syndrome is, and hopefully you to, will have the chance to meet a completely mind-changing person with one of these spectrum conditions.

Autism Speaks – Light It Up Blue campaign

Wikipedia: Autism

Wikipedia: Asperger Syndrome

United States Autism and Asperger Association

National Autism Association

Autism Society of America

Many more pages can be found through a general search through Google and other search websites as well:

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