Why we should care about encryption

Source: TED

I use encryption in nearly aspect of my life. Some uses are more effective than others, admittedly, however, there is encryption everywhere. For an example:

My Android phone is encrypted

My computer’s partitions are LUKS encrypted

The website you’re reading this on, is encrypted

Encryption is an integral part of life, in assuring both security and integrity of my website, my emails, and pretty much everything I do in life. I don’t partake in any criminal acts, but I still don’t want anyone to be able to view my data, if I don’t want them to.

I found this excellent article over at TED, discussing why you should care about encryption too.

So why does encryption matter, anyway?

Well, some would have you believe that encryption is a tool for the “bad guys,” enabling terrorists to have an easy way of plotting their next crimes. In reality, banning encryption won’t stop terror attacks or end religious extremism. But such a ban could stifle democratic movements, scuttle online security, and undermine our open society.



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