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So, admittedly, I did terribly awful at the Linux Showdown 8 at TrueAbility. It wasn’t an area, where my linux expertise has taken me in the past; so I simply gave up after 10 minutes of staring at my screen, with the challenge, looking so lonely up there, without me adding any text to it. This next installment of the linux showdown begins on Monday, April 27, 2015; so make sure you sign up at TrueAbility, and participate, so the world can see your linux skills. TrueAbility Linux Showdown 9 is upon us.

I’m expecting Linux Showdown 9 will be a much needed return to their roots challenge, as Showdown 8 seemed very specific, and very “DevOps-y.” I’m excited for this Showdown, and I expect to do much, much better at this Linux Showdown, than I did on the eighth installment.

From the TrueAbility Linux Showdown 9 page:


Begins 2015-04-27

FragmasterX needs your help.

His competitive quake3arena team, DramaForUrLlama, has just had something of a minor civil war, which has caused the former server admin to rage /quit and shutdown all access to their private quake3 server, voip communications, and the team’s website.

The problem? The Llamas have a playoff match scheduled to start in the next 30 minutes that was supposed to be running on their server. If they don’t have something online by then, they’ll have to forfeit and if they can’t get voice communications setup they’ll get trounced in the match. They need this win to stay alive in the tournament.

FragmasterX’s brother said they could use one of his servers to run everything off of, but his brother doesn’t have the time to get it all set up. He’s ok with giving you the root password, but just wants you to be careful not to interfere with any of the sites already running on the server.

Save the DramaForUrLlamas!


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