Class: Penetrations and Remediations – Update 1

Just a quick update, about the class I taught on Saturday.

It was completely nerve-wrenching; one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Not to mention the stress of everything else going on in my life, at this very second.

We had a great turnout at Denhac for the class.

While I do think the class run a little longer than it should have, people started dropping after about 3 to 4 hours in the class. We did have a few hiccups, that I honestly should have been prepared for, and also, I think if I had bothered to dig up all the information, I think I should have tried to prepare the class before-hand, so there would have been less delays, while teaching the class.

So, the awesome part is, though there were a few a hiccups, things did, overall, go very well; I am planning on teaching the class again. Also, with these known issues, it will better help me prepare for next time I teach the class. I also got some pointer from the very kind people, who helped me put on the class, The Software Freedom School.

All in all, it was a great learning experience for not only the students, but me as well.

I will post one more update related to the class, which will include details and the presentation.

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