Too Big to Care – Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Fraud

Warning: So, this post might sound politically motivated to some, I assure you, I’m looking beyond the politics of the American way of life, and talking about people in general.

My wife went on a trip this past week, to visit her mother, and other family, up in Montana. When she got to her mom’s house, she had found out, that her mom shut off her phone due to an “advance fee fraud” scam that she had fallen victim to. It made me take a step back, and examine things from a new aspect.

My mother-in-law, who is not “well off”, lost well over $20,000.00 to scammers located in Jamaica. She was continuing to send them money and brand new phones, all so she could get the promised $1.25 million that they had promised her.

So, it all makes me think about the ethics of everyone involved in this scam. So, obviously, I’m going to say terrible things about the scammer, but what about everyone else involved?

I notified both MoneyGram and Western Union. I notified the state’s attorney general, I notified the FTC, I notified the IC3, I notified my mother-in-law’s bank. I also notified APS, as I think this is also a case of elder abuse. I’m reaching to the end of my abilities as far as notification procedures, of who I can contact.

I also registered an account on scamwarners, and read through other’s posts about similar types of scams, just to see what other people have to say about these scams.

All this stuff, which I had to go through, I thought about the ethics of everything involved, and in the end, it really makes my blood boil.

With the understanding, this this is fraud related, there is very little the government is going to do to help, via IC3/FTC/FBI/SS/NW3C. The companies involved, MoneyGram and Western Union don’t care, as they’ve collected their money already, the bank can’t legally keep my M-I-L away from her money.

It all makes me wonder, what can be done to prevent this kind of fraud?

After going through all this with my M-I-L, I immediately called my dad, and told him of this scam, how not to fall for it, and to contact me, if there is absolutely anything he ever questions. But beyond that, what can I do?

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