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A problem. . .

An interesting chore came up for me, at work this week (primary job). I had opened a case with the support team about data not created properly on of our highly used CDNs. After confirming that this was the issue, the support guy at HQ, told me that this issue had been fixed.

Digging through all the information for a second and third time. . .

Digging through all the info again, just for follow-up, I found another repository that appeared to have the exact same issue as the first. Curios, I investigated a little bit more, and now that I had and knew what I needed, I could quickly identify this repo, as another problem. I notified the same support guy at HQ, that I had found another repo with the same issue, and he quickly confirmed the issue there.

This is the big question now, what do you do? Do you let sleeping dogs lie?

After working through this extremely annoying, and somewhat hard-to-find issue with HQ support, and everything, I thought, hey, I think it would be a good idea to ensure that content matches across our various CDNs, as that seems like something that is definitely a concern, for us, and for all our repos of data.

Why should I have to be the one, to recommend to everyone involved, hey, I found this issue, on two of our very large repos, let’s go ahead and do a little bit of research, and make sure this isn’t a problem elsewhere? Why is it only my brain that says, “Hey, we saw this issue in a couple other spots, that are pretty high availability, and in general potentially seen by a large amount of people, let’s go ahead and check the entire system to make sure all is a-ok.”

What’s the right answer?

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