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SANS – Super Huge News – SEC504 – Acting as a Mentor for the SANS SEC504 class

SANS SEC504 - Acting as a Mentor for the SANS SEC504 class

I will be acting as a Mentor for the SANS SEC504 class Source:  SANS Mentor SEC504 Session and SANS Mentor Page and SANS 504 Flyer I am pleased to announce that I will be acting as a Mentor for the SANS SEC504 class ( Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling ), coming up in February 2016 What has me most excited, is theRead the rest of this page »

The myth of the cybersecurity skills shortage

Cyberseuciryt skills shortage

Source: ComputerWorld by Ira Winkler Interesting article up for a read at ComputerWorld. Which all in all, is a good thing. The article talks of “The myth of the cybersecurity skills shortage” Winkler calls out companies that are claiming there is a cybersecurity skills shortage; which I don’t necessarily believe there is. From the article at ComputerWorld: The approach that seemsRead the rest of this page »

Vulnerability Discussion/Videos

YouTube Logo

As noted before, like in this post, I am a huge fan of RSS feeds, but I also love instructional videos, demo videos, and other similar stuff. I’ve been toying around the idea of doing video tutorials of attacking vulnerable distributions, like those found on VulnHub, and documenting the process that I go through. Maybe some other things, like variousRead the rest of this page »

How broken is Malware Investigator?

Malware Investigator - Broken

I have been steadily using Malware Investigator since its public debut in early March of 2015. I have grown more and more upset with the service over this time period, and in the end, I’ve realized its not providing me any more of a service, than what is being provided via cuckoo, virus total, or malwr. Furthermore, even with someRead the rest of this page »

Class: Penetrations and Remediations – Update 2

Ok, final update to the Penetrations and Remediations class from July 18. I had a bunch of people asking me for the slides to the class, so; without further ado. Here they are. If you have any questions regarding our first take on this class, please feel free to contact me at: mikeh@556forensics.com

40 year impact from OPM breach

OPM Breach

Source: FedScoop Interesting article that states the impact of the OPM breach could cause an impact for the next 40 years. I’m just going to say, after some conversations I’ve had with some people over this past weekend, I think the breach could last a whole lot longer than 40 years. In fact, I would go so far as sayingRead the rest of this page »

Too Big to Care – Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Fraud

Warning: So, this post might sound politically motivated to some, I assure you, I’m looking beyond the politics of the American way of life, and talking about people in general. My wife went on a trip this past week, to visit her mother, and other family, up in Montana. When she got to her mom’s house, she had found out,Read the rest of this page »

Class: Penetrations and Remediations – Update 1

Just a quick update, about the class I taught on Saturday. It was completely nerve-wrenching; one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Not to mention the stress of everything else going on in my life, at this very second. We had a great turnout at Denhac for the class. While I do think the class run a little longerRead the rest of this page »

Potential Downtime – Known Issues

Hello all – Just wanted to post a quick note about some potential downtime 556 Forensics may be seeing in the next week or two. We are transitioning a bunch of our domain names, as well as our hosting server, and a bunch of other stuff. Due to my crazy work schedule, there is the possibility that our website, mayRead the rest of this page »

UPDATE: Penetrations and Remediations Class

Just wanted to post a quick update. The class has been moved back a week, to July 18. About the Class: Location: Denhac 700 Kalamath Street Date: 7/18 Time: 11am – 4pm

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