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TrueAbility: Linux Showdown 9 – Arena Challenge

Source: Linux Showdown 9: Arena Challenge | TrueAbility

So, admittedly, I did terribly awful at the Linux Showdown 8 at TrueAbility. It wasn’t an area, where my linux expertise has taken me in the past; so I simply gave up after 10 minutes of staring at my screen, with the challenge, looking so lonely up there, without me adding any text to it. This next installment of the linux showdown begins on Monday, April 27, 2015; so make sure you sign up at TrueAbility, and participate, so the world can see your linux skills. TrueAbility Linux Showdown 9 is upon us.

I’m expecting Linux Showdown 9 will be a much needed return to their roots challenge, as Showdown 8 seemed very specific, and very “DevOps-y.” I’m excited for this Showdown, and I expect to do much, much better at this Linux Showdown, than I did on the eighth installment.

From the TrueAbility Linux Showdown 9 page:


Begins 2015-04-27

FragmasterX needs your help.

His competitive quake3arena team, DramaForUrLlama, has just had something of a minor civil war, which has caused the former server admin to rage /quit and shutdown all access to their private quake3 server, voip communications, and the team’s website.

The problem? The Llamas have a playoff match scheduled to start in the next 30 minutes that was supposed to be running on their server. If they don’t have something online by then, they’ll have to forfeit and if they can’t get voice communications setup they’ll get trounced in the match. They need this win to stay alive in the tournament.

FragmasterX’s brother said they could use one of his servers to run everything off of, but his brother doesn’t have the time to get it all set up. He’s ok with giving you the root password, but just wants you to be careful not to interfere with any of the sites already running on the server.

Save the DramaForUrLlamas!


Review: Cyborg Hawk Linux 1.1

I downloaded a copy of Cyborg Hawk Linux 1.1 several weeks ago, and unfortunately didn’t get around to actually installing it, and using it until today.

My very first impressions were about how “beautiful” the desktop; but that is about where the beauty ends.

So, on to my use of it:

There are a bunch of tools on there, a bunch of tools that I’m not familiar with, and that aren’t in Kali Linux. I visit Cyborg Hawk Linux’s homepage, to read what documentation and tutorials they have on their website, and the pages they link to, are down (see here). There are several pages up in their “Documentation” section, so I peruse through there for a bit, not really finding the info I needed. I will come back later, to the tools I’m unfamiliar with, and put in the manual research time for those.

Launching tools that I’ve either used before, or actually have a pressing need to examine (I’ve got some malware samples, that I really want to take a look at), I try and launch Cuckoo, and it fails. I’m not extremely familiar with any of the other tools, but again, I will return to those, once I can read up on them, and learn how to use them.

Now headed off to tools, that I’m extremely familiar with, including metasploit. Launch the metasploit service, then attempt to update the modules, and it fails. Attempt to register the service, and it fails, and I’m therefore unable to update/use metasploit.

So far, in a couple hours of using, all this distro has going for it, is a pretty interface, and a lot of tools. As I mentioned earlier, I will dig into those tools, as soon as I have time to search, and lookup what each of them does. Overall, not very impressed with Cyborg Hawk Linux 1.1.

Testing a theory – Attempting to troubleshoot a Fedora 21 install

Nothing is more frustrating, than a researcher, programmer, tester, or any other similar position attempting to document a bug, and when attempting to re-create the situation, you are unable to replicate. Testing a theory about a bad installer in Fedora 21 today, and just my luck, I was unable to reproduce the problem I was encountering on my desktop, in my virtual environment.

I spent this last weekend, attempting to install/re-install the latest Fedora Linux release. I have already backed up all my data, and done everything I need to do, in order to prep for the re-install. I figure my situation is not super unique, but probably a little more complicated than the average users’ install.

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Linux Showdown 8

Source: TrueAbility

I’ve always had fun competing in the Linux Showdown’s at TrueAbility. It is time for this year’s Linux Showdown, beginning on March 16, 2015! I really recommend this linux showdown if you have any interest in linux at all. First, there is the simple benefit of being able to compete, to see how your linux skills stack up, against everyone else’s (who doesn’t like some friendly competition every once in a while), and secondly, TrueAbility can and will get you a linux related job, if you are on the market.

It will challenge your linux ability, to determine where you stand among every other linux user in the world. So, if you’re up for a challenge, or up to learning more about linux, I definitely recommend that you check out the TrueAbility Linux Showdown #8, and make sure you sign up for the competition that begins on March 16, 2015!

From TrueAbility’s website:

The Challenge

Round One

Begins March 16th

For this challenge, you’re going to be using your scripting skills to implement a “sub par assembler” dubbed:  spasm

Instead of using memory, we’re going to use the filesystem to store and manipulate our data. Your task will be to create a program (in the language of your choice) called /usr/local/bin/spasm  that can handle some basic operations.

Those of you in the top 50 will be invited to the next round, the rest are.. 0xDEADBEEF. Round 2 we make things a little more advanced… so save your script!

Round Two

Begins April 1st

Welcome to the next phase of  spasm  development! You gained an invite to this round by successfully completing the last challenge, and hopefully you saved a copy of it because we’re going to add some functionality to it in this round.