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Creepy NSA

Source: Re/Code

I don’t know really what to say about this. Not too much commentary to add, besides the NSA is being super creepy with its Valentine’s Day twitter posts.

Read more here: Re/Code

US Centcom’s twitter account hacked

Sources: Way too many to name them all. . . ComputerWorld, SecurityAffairs, Defense One, and the list continues about where this was reported. . .

So, being reported on, like crazy right now, are the details about the hacking of the U.S. Centcom twitter page.

More details to follow soon. . .

New Social Media Websites are up

Well, we are trying to get this business off the ground!

We have created our Google+ page, and a Facebook page; to make sure we can stay connected with everything out there!

556 Forensics, LLC on Google+


556 Forensics, LLC on Facebook