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Class: Penetrations and Remediations – Update 1

Just a quick update, about the class I taught on Saturday.

It was completely nerve-wrenching; one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Not to mention the stress of everything else going on in my life, at this very second.

We had a great turnout at Denhac for the class.

While I do think the class run a little longer than it should have, people started dropping after about 3 to 4 hours in the class. We did have a few hiccups, that I honestly should have been prepared for, and also, I think if I had bothered to dig up all the information, I think I should have tried to prepare the class before-hand, so there would have been less delays, while teaching the class.

So, the awesome part is, though there were a few a hiccups, things did, overall, go very well; I am planning on teaching the class again. Also, with these known issues, it will better help me prepare for next time I teach the class. I also got some pointer from the very kind people, who helped me put on the class, The Software Freedom School.

All in all, it was a great learning experience for not only the students, but me as well.

I will post one more update related to the class, which will include details and the presentation.

UPDATE — CTF: Infosec Institute N00bs CTF Challenge

Source: Infosec Institute – N00bs CTF Challenge Solutions Page

Infosec Institute has released the solutions and winners for the N00bs CTF challenge. All of the results can be found (-SPOILER ALERT-) here (-SPOILER ALERT-).

It was a fun little challenge, and I definitely want to give me thanks to the Infosec Institute for putting out, such a fun CTF challenge!

You can also visit the page, if you got stumped with a challenge, and you didn’t like any of my solutions, you can see everything that other people wrote on the challenge, and judge for yourself.

Follow-up: Healthcare Industry Struck Again

Source: Courier Press

As a follow-up, to a previous article, written earlier today.

Shocked to hear more details about the hack that occurred; ok, not really. As I suspected, the attack came in from a phishing campaign.

Read more details from our own published article here, or from some more detailed information that Courier Press has acquired.

Updated posting/linking

So, after some confusion with websites that we were posting articles to; it has become clear, that 556 Forensics needs to clean up the way we are posting articles, to ensure proper credit is given to who originally posted the article, and not to mention, that it would be more valuable for our customers to get some insight/commentary on the article from us, at 556 Forensics.

We are relatively new at this whole blogging thing, and there was some misunderstandings about the current culture of how proper notice should be given. Maybe it was in the old days, when trackbacks, and pinging the referring site was the norm, and it looks like it has moved away from that, and I understand, there is ad revenue, and credit issues to be given to websites, and so on.

While it was never our intention to steal, look like we owned/wrote the articles, we did take care to note the Source of the article, at the beginning of each article, and include the links that the original author had included in it, and also note the site in the trackbacks portion of the blog.

Again, we also feel that it will be more valuable to our customers, as well, if we give our comments and commentary on the articles mentioned on our blog.

We will be updating our posts over the next couple of days, to clear up this problem, and also include our commentary on them.