Expert Witness Testimony

The solutions used for data preservation are all currently used by law enforcement, government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations for investigations and legal proceedings. Our experience and industry knowledge will ensure that chain of custody and data integrity is maintained and validated by our robust logging and reporting.

As digital forensics professionals we at 556 Forensics adhere to civil and criminal guidelines and provide objective analysis and reports, advising you every step of the way on the case at hand and how the digital evidence may be interpreted. 556 Forensics will ensure you have all the electronic evidence and supporting analysis you need, so there are no surprises from the other side. Furthermore, we assist you in fully understanding the technology and evidence, so you can make a decision on the merits of the case and develop the best strategy going forward.

556 Forensics will also review reports and testimony from an opposing expert witness. We will consult with your team, testing the validity, accuracy, and scientific merits of opposing counsels’ reports on all digital evidence, including computers, network data, and mobile devices.