Malware Analysis

Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig in their book, Practical Malware Analysis, define Malware Analysis as:

” . . . the study of malware by dissecting its different components and study its behavior on the host computer’s operating system.”

Performing malware analysis will give your company the insight it needs to understand how, why, and where you are being targeted (by malware) from. It will allow you to assess the damage from a malware outbreak, it will allow you to determine the level of sophistication from the malware authors, help you determine if it was a targetted attack or just a blanket attack, and will hopefully help you identify the intruder or the insider that is responsible for delivering the malware into your network.

By performing analysis, we will assist in helping you clean up any current malware infections, but also help to prevent it in the future, by analyzing the movement and communication vectors of any identified malware.